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Appraise Your Gold Now!!  Trust Us With Your Memories. 

Now is the time to look thru your jewelry box for old Gold, Sterling Silver & Platinum jewelry: engagement rings, wedding rings, gold earrings, even out-dated jewelry styles, inherited baubles, gold coins, & broken jewelry, and dental gold.  Bring it to us & we will analyze it for purity & appraise it right in front of you.

We can Appraise it for insurance purposes, or Assess its value for curiosity. Find out if you got a good deal or got ripped off. Or if the gift is real or not!

Look - - the Gold Market is rising! ...then sometimes falling; Still it is more like a river racing over stones than the roller coaster ride in years past. (although this year has been crazy) The Gold Market is about $2000 !! But it could go lower. It has been increasing recently. Hopefully it will stay close to this level for the rest of 2023.  Keep watch here on our website charts for spikes, & then run over to our store.  Call for more info. (310) 858-3800.

Believe it or not, the Gold Market Price changes hourly!  (see below)                                                                                                                       [Most
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At Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills, people had been coming to us from all over Los Angeles to sell their old gold jewelry to buy food, clothing, holiday gifts, pay their rent, taxes, college or medical bills, adopt children and travel. We would buy your gold for the highest price in all of Beverly Hills and West LA. Now we can still appraise your jewelry and refer you to a place nearby to sell it.


You have to know the weight of your gold and the karat content. Search for manufacturer's karat stamps on the locks, posts, end-caps. It is tiny! The mark may be a number (without the decimal point) meaning the percentage of pure gold, for example: 14kt. = 583 or 585, 18kt. = 750, and Sterling Silver = 925.

Wouldn't you feel much more comfortable bringing your valuable & sentimental jewelry to someone you trust?  Meet the actual people who do the designing & much of the work.   Read our customers' reviews!    Go to & Google.

We show you with a lighted magnifier what your diamonds or gemstones look like inside, so you really know you are getting back your original stones.  You can make new keepsakes out of precious old ones by wearing your loved one's stones in your new rings, pendants, or earrings.  We even have wax models and catalogs you can look thru for ideas...  or bring your own pictures & we'll make the jewelry of your dreams!

Please read our reviews by real customers on yelp & Google, and by going to the very bottom of our page of:  reviews and testimonials.
We have been in business in the SAME location since 1989!  

Our average price for appraisal certificates for insurance is $50 to $75 per item, including photos.  

The price for assessments is often between FREE and $100, depending on how long it takes and how many items you have.

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