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Sell Your Gold Now!!  Trust Us With Your Memories. 

Now is the time to look thru your jewelry box for old Gold, Sterling Silver & Platinum jewelry to sell: single gold earrings, out-dated jewelry styles, inherited baubles, gold coins, & broken jewelry, and dental gold.  Bring it to us & we will analyze it for purity & appraise it right in front of you for free.

Look - -the Gold Market is falling! ...then sometimes climbing up; Still it was more like a river racing over stones than the roller coaster ride in years past. (although this year has been crazy) The Gold Market is about $1800!! but it could go lower! Hopefully it will stay close to this level for the rest of 2021.  Keep watch here on our website charts for spikes, & then run over to our store to cash in!     Call for more info. (310) 858-3800.

Depending on the country of origin*,  our current price for 14 Kt. gold is about $26 per gram, with NO minimum amount of pieces.  Your price is higher for 18 Kt. and 22 Kt. gold.    It changes hourly with the Gold Spot Price.  (see below)

We buy gold at Rothstein Jewelers   [Most
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At Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills, people have been coming to us from all over Los Angeles to sell their old gold jewelry to buy food, clothing, holiday gifts, pay their rent, taxes, college or medical bills, adopt children and travel. We buy your gold for the highest price in all of Beverly Hills and West LA - customers have checked and confirmed it!  We pay more than most other jewelry stores (even downtown!), pawn shops, Cash-for-Gold online advertisers (especially them), and even Gold Party people. They all have to deduct some of YOUR potential payout $ for ads & promotions.   We will match a legitimate, verifiable quote. 
 PS: The people on TV claim to offer "50% more!" When questioned, they said that actually means "50% more than 3 years ago!" (False advertising!)     Another "Cash for Gold" in LA claims to pay high prices per gram, but if you look at their customer Yelp reviews, they really only paid out 70%. (Ours is 80-85% of the Spot Market, & 90-95% for coins.)

Make sure that when you call around to check, you compare apples to apples: Ex: "How much per gram they will offer you today for one gram of 14 kt. gold?" Don't let them confuse you with pennyweights! Ask "What percentage of the Spot Gold Market are they paying?"   (We pay 80 to 85% for regular gold jewelry... and up to 95% for gold coins.)

  Don't just send your jewelry off into a pre-labeled package to some internet only company!!  How do you know you'll ever get any money at all? Are you just going to cross your fingers, throw it in the mail,  & hope it works??  Check out our reputation & our Internet Testimonials.  If you'd like to mail in your gold, call us & we will email you a pre-paid UPS label.  Free Shipping! (800)544-7440. We'll call you when we receive it, then we'll send you a check.
Our overhead is low, and we have been in business for over 25 years.   

We have hosted Gold Parties for charities.  

COMPARE PRICES PAID FOR 14 KT. GOLD:            They only list 10-50 oz. and in dwt (
Update - Out of business!)    Paid only $10.20 per gram (
Update - Out of business!)   (
Update - Class action lawsuit filed against them!)         Won't even tell you! They send you a check without communicating the amount first.  They have to pay all their affiliates & spam you. Only liable for $100.
Kevin's Jlrs                They won't tell you on the phone,  you have to drive there. They give vouchers to Las Vegas which detract from your payout!

You have to know the weight of your gold and the karat content. Search for manufacturer's karat stamps on the locks, posts, end-caps. It is tiny! The mark may be a number (without the decimal point) meaning the percentage of pure gold, for example: 14kt. = 583 or 585, 18kt. = 750, 10kt. = 417, and 9kt. (from England, Ireland, and Canada) = 375%.  Multiply any of those percentages by the Market Price per ounce [See Chart above], and then divide by 31.1 (grams.) Then weigh your gold and multiply your answer by the weight. That is the full market value.... but most reputable places like us will pay from 75% to 80% of that.  (Bad places only pay you 50%.)  We have to cover the refining costs, assay, the evaporation of solders, plating, dirt, old residue, and non-meltable internal parts like springs and embedded stones. Also, sometimes jewelry manufacturers stamp their gold 14K, but it may actually only be 13K or less.

*Italian-made jewelry is more true to its stamp than USA, Mexico, or China -made jewelry, which is often "under-carat".  So you get paid more for the Italian gold. Color doesn't matter; it could be yellow, white, or pink gold. (Russian is often pink.)

Gold coins will get paid at a higher price because if they are standard issue, they do not have to be melted. Usually it is about 85 to 95%.  Some coins are 24 karat, (".999 Fine"), but many are only 20 to 22 kt. with alloy added.
Most jewelry is made up of pure gold and alloys which make the gold suitably stronger for wearing.  Alloys are mixed in for color: copper, zinc, silver, platinum, palladium or nickel. When customers buy finished jewelry, the price includes the alloys, the workmanship, & the duty (from overseas).
But only the pure 24Kt gold content counts when you sell it.

Silver content is stamped too. 925 = Sterling (It could say "STER"), 800 is less pure.
If you have silverware or silver trays or bowls that only say names like "REED and BARTON," it is just Silver Plated, & you can try eBay or donate it to Thrift Shops.

This brick is what all the old gold melts into before it is refined into 24Kt. pure gold.  Our factory melts the gold into a hot molten state, where a core sample of it gets sucked up into a tube. The factory then examines it with an X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer to determine the purity of gold (the assay). This XRF technology provides non-destructive, highly accurate identification of metal alloy composition and grade verification – within seconds, without hazardous chemicals as in the drilling procedure.

The assay tells us the actual percentage of fine gold, and how much loss there was due to evaporation. What evaporates is dirt, residue, solders, Rhodium plating, etc.  Before we can even present the scrap gold to the refiner, we have to clean it & remove all the non-meltables that can contaminate our melt. These are: metal springs in the clasps, stones, solders,  lead, excess dirt, non-gold loops or locks.

          Gold Bullion from Scrap Gold        Gold Testing at Rothstein Jewelers of Bevrly Hills                         

Here we test the gold for purity and karat content with different strengths of Nitric Acid after scratching the gold on this stone. We also check it with a Rare Earth Magnet.

  This bullion is refined, then recycled into 14Kt. or 18Kt. gold by mixing in various alloys for strength and color.  This helps save the earth from destructive mining.

Wouldn't you feel much more comfortable bringing your valuable & sentimental jewelry to someone you trust?  Meet the actual people who do the designing & much of the work.   Read our customers' reviews!    Go to & Google.
We show you with a lighted magnifier what your diamonds or gemstones look like inside, so you really know you are getting back your original stones.  You can make new keepsakes out of precious old ones by wearing your loved one's stones in your new rings, pendants, or earrings.  We even have wax models and catalogs you can look thru for ideas...  or bring your own pictures & we'll make the jewelry of your dreams!

Please read our reviews by real customers on each of the local search pages, by going to the very bottom of our page of:  reviews and testimonials.
We have been in business in the SAME location since 1989!  Even when people ship us their old gold we call them to let them know it got here safe & will be taken care of soon. With the Gold  Market being so high right now, we are buying lots of Gold, Silver & Platinum; & we love to make new memories out of old.   We also give you back your "non-refineable" jewelry, because maybe you can give it as a gift to a child, or donate it to one of our charities.

See what older style jewelry you would like to trade in for new styles for yourself or for gifts.  Browse thru our catalogs either in person or through emails from us.

Scrap Old Gold Many people bring in these out-dated styles of yellow gold jewelry to sell, and often update to white gold.


*** The CASH4Gold companies got in trouble for not paying a fair price to Congress passed laws to protect consumers!

We adhere to the guidelines of the Patriot Act: We do not finance terrorism, so we need to see ID from clients selling us gold and silver. 
You must be over 18 years of age, and be the lawful owner of the goods with absolute authority to sell them.

We may pay you by cash or by check (which you may cash right away), depending on the amount and how busy we have been!

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