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Jewelry Makovers
Redesigning Old Jewelry

Here is our "Extreme Makeover - Jewelry Edition" section.  Clients bring in or send in their outdated jewelry & together we custom design new jewelry.  The stones have real and sentimental value & are fit into the new ring, pendant, or earrings. We also re-cut chipped diamonds, mine-cut diamonds and damaged gemstones. Clients also bring in or email photos and images, which we transform into new jewelry.  We use new laser welding technology so we don't damage your stones.   We do laser engraving, hand engraving and computer engraving.

Sell your old gold for cash, or trade in for new jewelry that we design together.

You can see the "Before and After" gallery for some ideas:
(the first pic is Before, the 2nd is After)
                        This old watch transformed into 3 new pieces!

Old ring before MakeoverNew ring after Makeover   Rothsteins trasnformed this antique watchRothsteins made these from an antique watch    Pave diamond disk made from ring Custom designed diamond necklace by Rothsteins Stacking rings made from loose stones


     Old ring B4 Goodwin

      These old rings designed into these beautiful earrings:                                               Update your plain pendant:

 scrap diamond rings beforeNew diamond earrings designed      Danna's plain diamond pendantDann's diamond pendant after makeover     

Update your center stone with a new ring style:                   Get your white gold rings Polished & Rhodiumed every year:      Laser Engraving on your jewelry
Diana diamond ring before makeoverDiana diamond ring after makeover     Ring before RhodiumRhodium finish on whtie gold ring       Laser engraving from picture at Rothsteins

Center diamond went into this new design; a sapphire went into the old ring.                A photo of an Italian railing is now a beautiful diamond necklace.
Diamond Ring Before MakeoverRing with yellow diamonds after makeover Old ring with new sapphire       Jasons photo of railing made into necklace at RothsteinsJasons necklace made from photo by Rothsteins

We can even turn rough and worn-out precious rocks into beautiful gemstones. (Pink Tourmaline, & Opal)  
Tourmaline rough stone beforeTourmaline stone after  

Add a "shadowband" and larger diamond.
Our stone-cutters can re-cut and polish your chipped diamonds or make them brilliant.

  diamond with chipped edgestodiamond after re-cutting
We can also be hired on! I will be posting photos of the custom jewelry designs I have done thru this great website of professionals. Click here to see many questions answered about my work:
Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills


Our craftsman can turn your plain band into a work of art, carved with beautiful hand-engravings and milgrained edges.    

                 Plain ring before engraving   Hand Engraved Ring

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